Check out Sufis live at!

“Ancient Lover”’s recollection of the evening, 10.11.12:

“Musicians, artists, fans, techies, and press filled the studio this October to experience Sufis, an intoxicating local band. Their sound, described by a member as 1930’s swing meets Chuck Berry, drove a tantalizing performance. It was like something out of a mad, delectable, roaring, gypsy carnival.

With the kegs in place and cameras rolling, Sufis took the stage under a wild cornucopia of string, plumen bulbs, and multicolored ribbons that dipped across the studio ceiling. Lauren, the band’s lead singer, transformed into the queen of the carnival. Her raw, jazzy vocals lit up the crowded room while band mates Jonny, Felix and Ty swept the audience up into their vaulting tide of gypsy rock.

Navigating the studio was like trying to cross a listing wooden ship in a storm; hands and feet thrown every which way as the audience moved in tandem with the infectious sway of the band. Loud whistles, clapping, and stomping roared out of the crowd as Sufis’ set drew to a close.

You can see Sufis live in San Francisco at The Grant and Green show this Friday (11/9, free admittance) and at their November residency with Amnesia on Tuesdays after 9pm ($5-7).

Oh – and if you like the above song, you can download it for free!

Here is a link directly to’s blog post:

Check out Sufis live at!.


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