Souls of San Francisco

© Garry Bowden

© Garry Bowden

Check out the photography of Gary Bowden, a local bay-area artist and friend of ours. He uses his lens to capture the brilliant diversity of human expression  in San Francisco, ultimately creating something I can only conclude to title a “chance-oriented visual ethnography.” His method of street-photography, serendipitously having rendezvous about each neighborhood as he’s walking around doing goodness-knows what between shutter closures, makes for an even and accurate survey of the spirited local population. This project “Souls of San Francisco” is not only a work of art but one of visual anthropology, and a rather pleasing presentation of one at that. Please don’t hesitate to support him by sharing his work or contributing a donation to his kickstarter project below:

In one of our Sufis originals, “Barcelona,” we mention this vibrant community of souls in San Francisco.

“I dreampt I went to San Francisco. My! The variety of people! I fell in love with a Chinaman’s daughter whose mother was an African Jew…”

© Garry Bowden

© Garry Bowden

I believe I was in Turkey when Gary gave this print of yours truly away after advertising the give-away with this photo and a post on Facebook. I am flattered to have been caught up in the project, and will pay dues in return with a few details. After being acquainted through the Convent’s artist community, we bumped into each other in the Upper Haight. I had been busking for hours with Sufis at the Jugtown House. That day, our hard work earned us a guitar-case filled with a handful of dollar bills, long, turquoise and silver earrings, and a grateful dead pin. After Gary photographed me on the street, an Armenian family-run coffee shop convinced me to travel the South-East of Anatolia when I moved abroad. Considering my own moment-of-mayhem, I think its really exciting to imagine the life and its details that lie within each soul that slips beneath this photographer’s lens.

I can’t wait to see this collection bound in print. Good luck, Gary!

-Little Sufi


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